The State Board of Technical Education and Training, With the Active the Curricula every five years. Accordingly the Board with the Assistance of the faculty has approached the user industries for feedback and suggestions .The Board activly got the curricula prepared for the next five years by the concerned faculty,duly accepting their suggestions also . The c-05 curricula have been finalised after anumber of meetings and deliberations held with experts from industry,academia and senior faculty of the department.The new curricula will be implemented from the academic year 2005-06.

The main objective of the curricula change was to growing needs of the industry,to the extent possible,by visualising the scnario. To meet this requirement of industry,the Board/Department realised the need for quality technicians,who can meet the challenges confidently with confidence and commitment.To put succinctly, the Board/Department wants to produce best technicians within the country.

Salient Features

1. The curriculum is prepared on year-wise basis for all branches,in the 1st year and semester wise in the 2nd (III & IV semesters)&3rd (V & VI semesters)yearrs of study.

2. The scheme of examination of all courses ,by and large,maintained common to all courses with 5 theory and 5 practical subjects in I year with a total of 1000 marks and theory and 3 practical subjects in each of the 4 semesters with a total of 800 marks in each of the semesters.

3. In an era of Liberalisation,privatisation,privatisation and globalisation,the need for the communication skills of the students is playing a major role in their sucess in industry .The curriculum is prepared aiming at enhancing the listening,speaking and writing skills of the students.

4. The subject of Mathematics has been strengthened in the c-05 curriculum, by adding certain needed topics which are relevant to engineering education.

5. The policy decisions taken at the state and central level are implemented with regard to environmental studies' in all the deploma courses.This is also in accordince with the supreme court gudelines issued in Sri Mehata's case

6. Practical componentof the physics and chemistry are separated and each carries 100 marks. This will help in giving attention to the subject in a better manner.

7. The information technology subject is more streamlined to emphasise on practical aspects in the IV semester.This will encourage the student to make reports and presentations gathering information from internet.

8. Skills needed in use of software are important for the student,once student joins industry. To facilitate this the appropriate software (CAD/CUM/FLASH/ADOBE/PHOTOSHOP/MULTIMEDIA etc..)are included in the relevant curriculum,to enhance on hand experience.

9. More attention is given to the practical content of laboratories and workshops,those strengthening the practical side.

10. Curricula of laboratory and workshops have been thoroughly revised basing in the suggestions received from the industry, faculty,for better utilization of the equipment, avalilable at the polytechnics the experiments/execises that are chosen for the practical session are identified to the field requirements of indestry.

11. Concepts of Energy Audit,Environment,Renewable sources of Energy ,industrial safety , consumer right etc have been included at appropriate places in each discipline .

12. The curriculum of industrial management and entrepreneurship has been reviewed and reinforced by updating the contents to prepare the students to consider' self employement' as a career option .

13. Project work of VI semester is aimed at promoting working in groups/team building skiils through 'practice-oriented, project bassed activities'.The project is to suggest entrepreneurship promotion throgh better interaction of students with industries,R&D Institutions and other developmental/promotional agencies.

14. Each student,as a part of his / her curricular requirements will have to present a seminar to his fellow students faculty of the branch ,english faculty and others .The aim of the presentation is to enhance the comunication and public speaking skills.