All the Diploma programs run at various institutions are of the three years duration and in case of sandwich programs,it is 3-1/2 years duration.

All the diploma courses are run on year pattern in the First year,and the remaining two are two&half years are run in the semester pattern.For all other sandwich courses,the training will be in the fifth and sixth semesters and seventh semester will be at institution.The courses like Diploma in Electronics with specialization CP/CN/IE/TV/BM,the training will be in the seventh semester and the courses HMCT,Architecture and Chemical (Sugar) Technology the training is in the 5th semester .

The following courses are run in the semester pattern right from the fifth year,i.e.first and second semesters.Lather Technology,Textile Technology (G.I.T.T.-Guntur),Ceramic Technology and Printing technology under MPEC System.