All the Diploma programs run at various institutions are of the three years duration and in case of sandwich programs,it is 3-1/2 years duration. All the diploma courses are run on year pattern in the First year,and the remaining two are two&half years are run in the semester pattern.For all other sandwich courses,the training will be in the fifth and sixth semesters and seventh semester will be at institution.The courses like Diploma in Electronics with specialization CP/CN/IE/TV/BM,the training will be in the seventh semester and the courses HMCT,Architecture and Chemical (Sugar) Technology the training is in the 5th semester . The following courses are run in the semester pattern right from the fifth year,i.e.first and second semesters.Lather Technology,Textile Technology (G.I.T.T.-Guntur),Ceramic Technology and Printing technology under MPEC System.


Selection of candiates is governed by the Rules and regulations laid down in this regard from time to time. i) Candidates who wish to seek admission in any of the diploma courses will ahve to appear for common entrance examination(CEEP)conducted by the State Board of Technical Education and Training,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad. Only the candidates satisfying the following requirements will be eligible to appear for the Common Entrance Examination(CEEP). a) The candidates seeking admission should have appeared for the X class examination,conduct by the Board of Secondary Examination,Andhra Pradesh or equivalent examination thereto,at the time of making applications to the common Entrance Examination for Polytechnics(CEEP).In case candidates who apply pending results of their qualifying examinations their selection shall be subject to production of proof of their passing the qualifying examination in one attempt or compartmentally at the time of interview for admission. b) Admissions are made based on the merit rank obtained in the Common Entrance Examination(CEEP)and the reservation rules stipulated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh from time to time c) For admission into the following diploma courses for which entry qulifications is 10+2 candidates need not appear for CEEP .A seperate notification will be issued for admission into theses courses. 1).D.H.M.C.T. 2).D.Pharmacy 3).Bio-Technology 4).Jewellery Designing Manufacturing cancelled 5).Architectural Assitanship(Interior Design) 6).Architectural Assistantship(Landscape Design) 7).Fashoin Technology. 8).Textile Technology and 9).Travel and Tourism.


The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.


a). The academic year for all the courses shall be from june of the year of admission to march of the suceeding year. b). The working days in a week shall be from monday to saturday c). There shall be 7 periods of 50 periods duration on all working days d). The minimum number of working days for each semester / year shall be 90 / 180 days excluding examination days.If this prescribed minimum is not acheived due to any reason,special arrangements shall be made to conduct classes to complete the curriculum.


a). A candidate shall be pemitted to appear for the end examination in all subjects,if he or she has attented a minimum of 75% of working days during the year/semester. b). Condonation of storage of attendance in aggregate upto to 10%(65% and above and below 75%) in each semester or 1st year may be granted on medical grounds. c). A stipulated fee shall be payable towards condonation of storage of attendance. d). Candidates having less than 65% attendance shall be detained. e). Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any semester / 1st year are not eligible to take their end examination of that class and their admissions shall stand cancelled.they may seek re-admission for that semester/1st year when offered next.


THEORY EXAMINATION: Each subject carries 50or100 marks with examination of 2or3 hours duration.

PRACTICAL EXAMINATION: There shall be 40 marks for regular practical work done, i.e.sessional marks for each practical subject with an end examination of 3hours duration carrying 60 marks. However,in physics practicals and chemistry practicals,each will have 60 marks in the end examination with a 2 hours duration and 40 sessional marks.

THOERY EXAMINATON:Each subject carries 50 or 100 marks of 2 or 3 hours duration.

PRACTICAL EXAMINATION:Each subject carry 30 or 60 marks of 3 hours duration 20 or 40 sessional marks..


a) THEORY SUBJECTS:Theory subjects do not carry any sessional marks. However,it is obligatory on the part of the student concerned to appear for at least 2 tests twice a year or semester as the case may be and schedule are to be as follows 1st Test:After completion of 30 working days in a semester. 2nd Test:After completion of 60 working days in a semester. This helps the student to assess himself of his readiness,to take up examinations and prepares him to face public examinations..
b)PRACTICALS:Students performance in a laboratories/workshop shell be assessed during the year of study for 40 marks in each practical subject.project work carries 40 marks equalation of project work shall be based on efforts put in by the student and his/her personal involvement in building up a project.Allotment of marks should be discrete taking into consideration the students skills accuracy,recording and reporting of the task assigned to him/her.Each student has to write a record/log book for assessment purpose.In the subject of drawing,which is also considered as a practiacalpaper,the same rules hold good.Drawing exercise are to be filed in seriatum..
c)Internal assesment in Labs/Workshops/survey field etc., during the course of study shall be done and sessionals awarded by lecturer/Senior lecturer/workshop superintendent as the case may be..
d)For practical examination except in drawing there shall be two examiners.External examiner shall be appionted by the principal in consulation with respective head of the department preferably choosing a person from an industry,internal examiner shall be the person concerned with internal assessment as in (c) above.For drawing there is no practical examination..
e)Question paper for practicals:Question paper should cover all the experiments/exercise pescribed..
f)In the evolution of project work,each student or group of students associated with a particular project as the case may be shall be ecamined.project guide shall assist external Examiner;Head of Department shall be the coordinator of the evaluation for all the teams..
g)Records pertaining to internal assessment marks of both theory and practical subjects are to be maintained for official inspection..
h)In case of sandwich courses and also other Diploma courses Where the industrial Training is offered,the training assessment shall be done and marks be awarded in the following ratio. 180(Industry):20(Logbook):30Seminar/viva)=250 Marks. The assessment at the institute level will be done by a minimum of three faculty members including H.O.D and be averaged.


THEORY EXAMINATION:35% in end exmination

PRACTICAL EXAMINATION: 50% in end examination
A minimum of 50% in end examination and a combined minimum of 50% of both sessional and practical examination mark are put together.In case of D.C.C.P., the pass mark for typewriting and hand is 45% in the end examination.There are no sessional marks for type writing and shortand subjects of D.C.C.P course.


1.improvement is allowed only after he\she has completed the subjects first year to final semester of the Diploma.
2.improvement is allowed in any 4(four)subjects of the Diploma.
3.the students can avail of this improvement chance only once,that too within the suceeding two examonations after the completion of diploma,with the condition that the duration including betterment examination shall not exceed FIVEyears from the first admission.Allowing candidates will violate RULE 11.4.
4.No improvement is allowed in practical/Lab subjects or project work or Industrial training assessment.However,improvement is allowed in drawing subject.
5.If improvement is not achieved,the marks obtained in previous examinations hold good.
6.improvement is not allowed in respect to the candidates who are punished under mal-practices in any examination.
7.examination fee for improvement shall be paid as per the notification issued by state board of technical education and training from time to time.
8.All the candidates who wish to appear for improvement of performance shall deposit the orginal Diploma certificate to the board .if there is improvement in performance of the current examination, the revised memorandum of marks and original Diploma certificate will be issued else the submitted orginals will be returned.