(a) There is no system of Re-valuetion or provodeing Xerox copies of valued Answer Scripts i.e.,except for the provision of recounting.

(b) The verfication of the totalling will be done by an Officer of the Board and will be intimated to the candidatae by post only.

A candidate desirous of applying for Recounting of marks should be submit the application to the Secretary,state board of Technical Education and Training,A.P.,Hyderabad-500063 with in 15days from the date of recipt of Tabulated Marks statement by the principle of concerned Polytechnic or the date specified.Recounting Shall be done for any TWO theory subjects per year/semester only,including drawing subjects.No request recounting shall be entertained from any candidate who is reported to have resorted to Malpractice in that examination.the fee prescribed for Recounting should be paid by way of Demand Draft drawn on any Schedule bank payable at Hyderabad in favour of the Secretary,StateBoard of Technical Education and Training,A.P.,Hyderabad.

The following document should be invariably be enclosed with the application failing which the application will not be considered. (1)Marks secured as per Tabulated Marks Sheet certificated by the principal

(2)Demand Draft towards the payment of fee

(3)Self-addressed and stamped envelops 11" *5"size. The applications received after the precribed date will not be accepted and any correspondence in this regard will not be entertained.


If any candidate resorts to any Malpractice during eCDxamination shall be booked and the punisment will be awarded as per rules and regulations framed by S.B.T.E.T from time to time


Any Discrepancy/pleas regarding results etc.,shall be represented to the Board within six months from the date of issue of result their after,no such cases will be entertained in any manner


If a candidate loses his/her original Diploma Certificate and disires a duplicate to be issued he/she should produce written evidence to this effect.He/she may obtain a duplicate from the Secretary,State Borad of Technical Education and Training,A.P.,on payment of prescribed fee and on production of an affidavit signed before a First Class Magistrate(judicial)and non traceable certificate from the Department of Police.incase of demage of original Diploma Certificate,he/she may obtain a duplicate certificate by surrendering the original demaged certificate on payment of prescribed fee to the State Borad of Technical Education and Training.

In case the candidate cannot collect the original Diploma with in one year from the date of issue of the certificate,the candidate has to pay the panalty prescribed by the SBTET from time to time


A cumulative/academic record is to be maintained of the Marks secured in sessional work and end examination of each year for determing the eligibility for promotion ete.,a Perminent Identifiction Number(pin)will be allotted to each candidate so as to facilitate this work and avoid errors in tabulation of results.


The Board of payment of prescribed fee will issue these certificates for the candidates who intend to prosecute Higher Studies in India or Abroad.


1.The Board may change or amend the acadamic rules and regulations or syllabi at any time and the changes or amendments made shall be applicable to all the students,for whom it is intended,with effict from the dates notified by the compltent authority.
2.All legal matters pertaining to the State Board of Technical Education and Training are within the jurisdiction of Hyderabad only.
3.In case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of the aboue rules,the decision of the Secretary,SBTET is final.